Food insecurity and the impact of interventions.

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As part of an overall project considering food poverty and the impact of interventions which may impact it, I am currently working on three related studies. The first examines the lived experience of food poverty and its influence on wellbeing. The second looks at social enterprises, as a particular form of intervention tackling food poverty, and examines their impact on health inequalities. The third considers farm diversification and its impact on the food supply chain. Through these projects, with colleagues, I have secured three current funded PhD studentships.
Karen Anne Scott - Food Poverty - The research is to acquire knowledge within a community setting as to how food poverty influences eudiamonic wellbeing.
Afamafume Obi - Unpacking Structural Diversification in Family Farming Businesses
Katy Gordon - Understanding the impact of Food Social Enteprises
The projects have developed strong links with Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, individual social enterprises, and key disadvantaged communities. These links are critical in driving socially relevant research and in delivering both policy and behavioural change in the sector.
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