Fine phonetic variation and sound change: A real-time study of Glaswegian (also Sounds of the City)

  • Stuart-Smith, Jane (Principal Investigator)
  • Timmins, Claire (Co-investigator)

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Layman's description

In this project we aim to achieve the following:

Extend the methods of the real-time study of speech by building an electronic corpus of Glasgow dialect using a high-speed searchable database
Develop and apply the latest phonetic and statistical methods to analyse the database
Provide the first real- and apparent-time study of fine-grained phonetic variation and change across speakers of different ages from four decades of an urban dialect of English, taking into account the contribution of factors such as word use, social factors, and the individual speaker
Develop a more informed theoretical understanding of the role of fine phonetic variation in sound change, especially with respect to how sound change is linked to speakers’ mental representations of speech over time
Short titleSounds of the City
Effective start/end date1/11/11 → 1/11/14


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