Feasibility review of traceability in the Harris Tweed Supply Chain

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Project Details


Feasibility study into the use of the HTA controlled label to access information directly related to the end-customer’s product.

Layman's description

To link the Harris Tweed in the customer's hands to the hand-weavers who produced it.

Key findings

The project has identified that HTA’s broad idea around traceability can be met with available technologies. There are challenges relating to cooperation from downstream to achieve the ultimate goal of traceability from every label. HTA will progress with the development of website which will provide much of the brand enhancement discussed with a traceability option based on existing label reference.This will allow the HTA to gather further information regarding end user interest in traceability and to embed the necessary data capture processes.University of Strathclyde has gained insight into the value chain for Harris Tweed and has identified a number of opportunities for further knowledge exchange in the wider industry activities. Some potential collaboration has been discussed with the Weavers association.
Short titleTracing History
Effective start/end date4/02/1329/03/13


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