Exploring the use of Chat GPT by Engineering Employers: Informing Authentic Assessment in Higher Education Engineering

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A cursory search on Google scholar using the term “ChatGPT” provides ample evidence of why 2023 a seminal year for teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education:
• Preparing Educators and Students for ChatGPT and AI Technology in Higher Education
• A Conversation on Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Plagiarism in Higher Education
• Will ChatGPT get you caught? Rethinking of Plagiarism Detection
This project will examine how engineering employers are using ChatGPT (and other Ai software) with the objective of informing teaching & learning practice in the faculty of engineering. The research takes an external lens on the issue (research led practice) to ensure that the curriculum in our engineering programmes is authentic and cognizant of the knowledge and skills required by our employers. This is consistent with Strathclyde’s strong relationships with industry, the requirements of the various engineering programme accreditation bodies, and contemporary topics in HE (employability skills and 4th Industrial revolution)
The research methodology will be:
-Desk study of literature & research on ChatGPT use in Higher Education & Engineering industry.
-Development of Qualtrics Questionnaire (engineering employers) and analysis of qualitative & quantitative data.
-Organization of focus groups with engineering employers, transcription of interviews and initial thematic analysis of data.
Effective start/end date1/06/233/08/23


  • Engineering Education
  • Chat GPT
  • Employers
  • Curriculum


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