Exploring Signature Pedagogies in Marketing

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This project will explore signature pedagogies (SPs) within marketing. Shulman (2005) defined SPs as characterising teaching forms distinct to that discipline with Abel (2009) viewing them as the means through which the text, thought and practice of the respective profession is conveyed. As such, SPs hinge on how disciplinary knowledge translates into professional education.

In seeking to understand this, the interplay across teaching forms that are emblematic of marketing together with the professional preparedness that is integral to this will be explored through interviewing marketing academics. Significantly, this will involve two stages. Firstly, the current situation, as understood by the interviewees, will be explored with this progressing thereafter to exploring amongst these interviewees how SPs could be advanced. The second stage will entail focus groups amongst marketing academics that unpacks their thoughts on the emergent findings with this incorporating pointers for future SP practice within marketing.

Layman's description

The development of a more critical approach to marketing education through which students can understand and then apply in a professional setting the basis of the discipline.
Short titleSignature Pedagogies
Effective start/end date15/08/181/09/19


  • Marketing Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Programme Management


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