Exhibition EXTR-Activism Space Law and Afrofuturism

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EXTR-Actvism presents artistic positions that challenge the new commercial space race for mineral extractivism. International space law - a product of the Cold War era - is ambiguous in its language as it is unclear if commercial mining, governed through private property rights, is allowed under the Outer Space Treaty (1967). The artworks selected for this exhibition explore the notions of extractivism and neo-colonialism of the commercial space era against the background of African countries developing their own space programme.

The exhibition retells the story of extractivism and space travel from the perspective of Afronauts. The forgotten histories, contested legacies and repressed memories of space travel are explored through a plethora of art practices that seek to blur the boundaries and distinctions between fiction and reality.
Short titleEXTR-Actvism
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/03/21


  • space law
  • mining
  • property
  • African art
  • Afrofuturism


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