Evaluation of the policy “Strategy of Regionalization of Pharmaceutical Services in Minas Gerais”. ERAF Project

  • Chama, Tatiana (Principal Investigator)
  • Martins, Wagner (Co-investigator)
  • Tavares, Noemia (Academic)
  • Silva, Everton (Academic)
  • Sarvel, Ana Karine (Technician)
  • Marques, Isabela (Technician)

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

Project Details


Mixed methods, comparative, before and after, with a representative sample of 112 municipalities from Minas Gerais. The process of implementing the ERAF will be analyzed considering the retrospective, situational and prospective dimensions of the policy, according to the perceptions of key actors. Data regarding quantification and procurement of medicines will be extracted from secondary database. A complementary documentary research will also be carried out.
Short titleERAF Project
Effective start/end date31/01/1931/03/21


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