ESRC Impact Acceleration Award- RO|M|AP: Roma multilingual app to support mobility and social change.

  • Duncan, Pauline (Principal Investigator)

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Project Details


The Ro|M|App project builds on STEP’s 2014 to 2017 Scottish Government-funded research: Digital media to promote community cohesion and inclusion for the women of the European Roma community in Scotland. Our earlier findings suggested that the intersectionality of the women’s language, gender and Roma ethnicity presented major barriers to positive family outcomes. Our recent research brought Roma women together with software developers to design a language learning app for mobile devices. The aim was to produce a tool that would initially support the women’s literacy development. Additionally, its customisable features enabled the women to maintain cultural links by personalising content such as integrating culturally relevant iconography and local dialects. This ESRC IAA project extends and accelerates the impact of this research. The project enables women to create a multilingual app in three Roma languages with personalisation enabling the use of culturally relevant iconography and local dialects. Peer-led training promotes community cohesion within Roma groups. The potential of the technology to further shape social relations is explored through an event bringing together academics, technologists and Roma representatives.
Short titleRO|M|APP
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/05/18


  • Digital technology
  • App design
  • Software development
  • Co-producation
  • Roma
  • mobility
  • Education
  • voice


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