Engage with Strathclyde – a flagship external engagement initiative

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    The pioneering KE programme, Engage with Strathclyde (EwS), is now the University’s official outreach programme, transforming the way Strathclyde engages with external organisations. The initiative provides academics with dedicated support to plan and design events that will engage future KE partners, and escalate existing relationships. EwS supports all types of KE, from commercialisation to consultancy with all sectors. The support provided by RKES to manage the process, planning, promoting and delivering events, enables academics to concentrate on novel and exciting ways to engage their audiences.
    EwS culminates in a week of 40-50 innovative events that showcase Strathclyde’s imaginative KE across all disciplines. In 2014 - year 3 of EwS, the programme attracted >2,000 delegates from 550 organisations. Significant outcomes include new R&KE centres, new industry memberships of existing centres, and new funded R&KE collaborations from private, public and third sector partners.

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    A week of events showcasing Strathclyde’s research and knowledge exchange opportunities to current and future collaborators.
    Short titleEngage
    Effective start/end date1/01/13 → …


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