Energy System Impacts of Energy Efficiency

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The project 'Energy System Impacts of Energy Efficiency' focus on two key aspects:
1. The central focus of the project will be the use of Scottish TIMES itself to explore the impact of energy efficiency changes on the energy system and to more fully understand the capabilities and limitation of the model.
2. The project will make clear links to Energy Efficient Scotland and use these as the source of examples as well as informing the main inputs to TIMES that will allow the assessment of energy efficiency interventions.

The purpose of making these recommendations is to help Scottish Government to enhance the value of the range of models available specifically in terms of ‘soft-linking’ between TIMES and other models such as the Scottish Electricity Dispatch Model (SEDM) and economy-wide CGE modelling in order to:
• gain insights into the extent to which energy efficiency measures might change the need for investment in electricity generation capacity ;
• explore the effects of energy efficiency on the wider economy and how that might, in turn, change the volume and nature of demand for energy services.

Effective start/end date10/10/167/11/20


  • energy system modelling
  • economic modelling
  • energy policy
  • energy efficiency
  • decarbonisation of heat


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