EES-UETP HVDC Technology and Applications

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

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The increasing power rating and capability of HVDC and its high controllability relative to AC network connections mean that HVDC is receiving increasing interest worldwide. As an active and fast growing research area, there is a healthy mix of research collaborations between industry and academia. This research and learning from initial applications feed into planning for regulators, system operators, and governments wondering about how to best integrate the technology.

This course considers HVDC technology from several perspectives. First, the economics and policy around the use of HVDC provide the rationale for investment into the technology and present current policy issues for its integration. Second, HVDC theory, design, control, and operation will link the latest developments of the technology to the core principles of its use. The third element, applications of HVDC, complements the basic principles already presented by demonstrating the effectiveness of real-life experiences, applications and practical issues. Two afternoon interactive tutorials on Converter Design and Economics of HVDC will complement the lectures in key concept areas.
Effective start/end date1/12/144/12/14


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