Development Of An Innovative Modular System For Continuous Chemical Processing (TSB/Syrris)

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"The project, lead by Syrris, in collaboration with GSK, AMRI UK and the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation will develop an innovative modular system for continuous chemical
processing. It will develop modules that can be used by any chemical industry to perform unit operations such as liquidliquid, liquid-solid and liquid-solid-gas phase reactions, crystallisations and aqueous work-up in a continuous process, with analysis. The modules will be scalable, easy to use, automatable and able to be quickly reconfigured into hundreds of conceivable single or multi step process systems. Within the project lifetime, this will enable GSK and AMRI to operate more efficient, high quality and sustainable processes with easier scale-up. After the project, commercialisation of these modules will enable the wider chemical process industry to benefit from the same advantages and generate significant exports for the UK."

Key findings

Industry-academia team have worked together to write detailed user requirement specification which is now being used to develop novel flow chemistry equipment. Based on these specifications novel flow chemistry modular systems are developed. Initial characterisation is being performed on these modular systems.
Effective start/end date29/04/1330/09/16


  • EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council): £79,430.00


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