Damage mechanism of lightning induced arc discharge on wind turbine blade material and development of lightning proof blade with optimised electrical and mechanical design

  • Siew, Wah Hoon (Principal Investigator)
  • Pietro, Raul (Co-investigator)
  • Li, Qingmin (Co-investigator)

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This collaborative project between UK and China focuses on the development of innovative technology to protect wind turbine blades from extreme weather conditions, specifically lightning strikes and problems caused due to ice formation (icing). Lightning protection systems for wind turbines have evolved and have been improved upon since wind turbine generators have been considered to be a viable system for renewable energy generation in the 1990s. Lightning damage to turbine blades has reduced over the years in general but damage to turbine blades due to lightning still occur. In addition, wind farms are beginning to be constructed in areas where ice formation on turbine blades is common. In such conditions, ice prevention systems exist but their performance is not ideal. This project aims to develop a turbine blade that is "lightning proof" where the lightning protection system is integrated with the novel ice prevention system to form an integrated blade design with much higher reliability and efficacy when operational.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18


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