Cognitive Elements in Learning and Engagement in Student Teacher Education

  • McNally, James (Principal Investigator)
  • Blake, Allan (Research Co-investigator)
  • Byrne, Charles (Co-investigator)
  • Harris, Linda (Co-investigator)
  • Winter, John (Co-investigator)

Project: Internally funded project

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Contemporary research reveals learning to teach to be a process of identity formation involving context-specific dimensions of experience: emotional, relational, structural, material, cognitive, ethical, temporal. Rather narrow definitions of cognitive development continue to shape professional learning however, and arguments for more dynamic models tend not to be substantiated with much empirical evidence. Building on interviews with 26 student teachers, this study reveals, in more specific detail, the contingent web of socio-professional interaction that shapes cognitive development in teaching, and suggests that beginners’ identities evolve as part of a co-creative learning process, rather than as passive subjectivities of a deterministic professionalism.
Effective start/end date1/06/09 → …


  • teacher education
  • early professional learning
  • cognitive development
  • identity formation


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