Co-pyrolysis of biomass and solid waste

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The emissions of dioxins and furans during the municipal solid waste (MSW) combustion in the environment are of considerable public concern. Pyrolysis is regarded to be a potential option for MSW disposal, which can reduce the MSW volume, and produce oil and gases that can be further utilisation. In addition, dioxins can be largely reduced in the process of MSW pyrolysis due to the low oxygen atmosphere . However, the pyrolysis of MSW for fuel production is not yet to be commercially utilized due to the complex of MSW and its diversity properties. Accordingly, co-pyrolysis of biomass and MSW becomes a promising option, aiming for to producing gaseous and liquid products with high constant quality, and expecting to have a stable operation in potential commercial applications. The objective of this study is to characterize properties of pyrolysis (i.e. kinetics, products and conversion efficiency) through our as part of fundamental investigation on for co-pyrolysis of biomass and solid waste. In addition, emissions and contaminants associated with the co-pyrolysis process will be investigated.
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