Certification of Competencies for the Power and Pressure Systems Industry

  • Wood, James (Principal Investigator)
  • Portella, Pedro Dollabella (Co-investigator)
  • Afzali, Mansur (Co-investigator)
  • Muscat, Martin (Co-investigator)
  • Swieszkowski, Wojciech (Co-investigator)

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Project Details

Layman's description

The project is aimed at defining the necessary competencies, skills and experiential learning for the use of modern analysis and simulation tools in the power and pressure systems industry. Furthermore, resource material will be developed which can be used to develop such competencies in employees within a work-based environment.
This project will develop a comprehensive educational base statement for staff using design by analysis tools in the European power and pressure systems industry. The educational base will consist of competence statements, which in turn will provide reference for the learning outcomes in the associated modules and supporting resource material. The development will be based on a detailed study of the needs of industry in this sector. The resource material produced will include two exemplar modules for work-based learning,

Key findings

The following was delivered:
• A study concerning forms of non-structured informal learning of CAE (analysis and simulation) technologies in the power and pressure systems industry.
• The development of a comprehensive Educational Base Statement for staff using such CAE tools.
• A web-based interface to this educational base, which will allow effective staff development planning and personal development. This provision will be maintained after the conclusion of the project, as detailed in the work plans.
• A review of resources available to allow staff to develop the requirements of the Educational Base, including the identification of any gaps in provision.
• The development of two exemplar modules that will demonstrate the effective work-based delivery of material in support of a chosen subset of the Educational Base, using a virtual learning environment.
• project web site, to host resource material and provide access to the educational base.

The work has direct relevance to the power and pressure systems industry worldwide. While the project will develop competency statements and learning outcomes for a wide range of relevant modules in the design by analysis area, only 2 exemplar modules for work-based learning will be produced and assessed. This clearly leaves scope for the development of the further modules.
While much of the educational base statement and related resource material is specific to the power and pressure system industry, there will also be much of a generic nature to engineers and designers using such tools across most industry sectors. As such, the project deliverables provide a template for the further development of generic resource material as well as other industry specific material.


This Project led to another Leonardo de Vinci Project - EASIT²
Effective start/end date1/10/0631/12/08


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  • EASIT²: Engineering Analysis and Simulation Innovation Transfer

    Wood, J., Morris, T., Borzi, G., Lees, A., Reijmers, J., Prinja, N., Puri, A., Gruenwald, M., Crepel, J., Morris, A., Ptchelintsev, A. & Borsari, R.


    Project: Knowledge Exchange