Causal Counterfactual visualisation for human causal decision making – A case study in healthcare

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This EPSRC funded research will investigate novel causal counterfactual visualisation, which will, in contrast to the direct visualisation of real data, have a new functionality to render causal counterfactuals that did not occur in reality. The counterfactuals will be generated by a counterfactual simulation model that is trained with real data. This extends standard data visualisation by visualising hypothetical exemplars beyond real data. It will support "explanation-with-examples" by enabling decision makers to interactively create synthetic data and examine "close possible worlds" (e.g. different outcomes from a small causal change). Visualising concrete exemplars will allow people to view key evidence and contest their decisions against the counterfactuals to gain actionable insights.
Effective start/end date3/07/2331/12/25


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