BTG- Peptide Synthesis

Project: Internally funded project

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This proposal aims to establish an automated peptide synthesis facility to enable cross-faculty research activities in the TIC priority areas of Nanoscience, Photonics, Sensors, Advanced Science and Technology as well as the emerging area of strength in chemical biology. The utilization of peptides underpins the majority of these areas of research yet a significant barrier within Strathclyde is rapid access to peptides in high quality and with bespoke functionality. The acquisition of an automated peptide synthesiser will address this capability gap by providing a facility which hitherto has been inaccessible to researchers not only within Strathclyde but also in the city of Glasgow. This capability will not only be central to enhancing current inter-faculty research programmes but will also provide a springboard for new and cutting edge developments of strategic importance both nationally and internationally. Moreover, we believe that this facility will be central to catalysing knowledge transfer between deep discipline experts in the areas outlined above which are of critical strategic importance to establish Strathclyde as a world leading institution in Science and Technology.
Effective start/end date5/09/114/09/12


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