BTG: New connections in particles and fluids—from fracking and foods, to bacteria and blood

Project: Internally funded project

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A wide range of applications in science and engineering, including fracking, oil and gas extraction, design of pumps, water treatment, continuous crystallization for pharmaceuticals, geological phenomena, settling and separation, nuclear waste storage and processing, bacterial transport, biodiagnostics, and blood and other biological flows, involve the flow, processing and transport of systems of particles suspended in fluids. Applications involve a range of scales from microns to tens of metres and a range of particle concentrations from ‘dilute’ to concentrated. There is a wide but disparate range of relevant expertise across Strathclyde. The aim of this one-day BTG workshop and half-day follow-up is to bring this research community together, to identify innovative ideas and solutions across these applications, and to promote novel themes for funding proposals, high-impact publications, industrial and public engagement, knowledge exchange, and CPD.
Effective start/end date1/02/1430/06/14


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