Biomass ignition tests for large percentage biomass co-firing in coal-fired furnaces

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The scope of the work was to investigate the impacts of particle size on the biomass combustion behaviour based in TGA tests and ignition facility. The objective was to compare the combustion behaviour of different biomass samples with coal combustion performance, to find out a suitable particle size for certain biomass material able to achieve a perfect marching between coal and biomass combustion, and thus enlarging the biomass co-firing ratios.

Key findings

The ignition performance of biomass particles are characterized experimentally, and the impacts of fuel types and biomass particle sizes are fully investigated. Finally the results will be further impended to CFD simulations to comprehensively predict the biomass ignition behaviour and thus the biomass combustion and/or biomass co-firing performance.
Effective start/end date1/12/1419/12/14


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