Autonomous Manufacturing of Composite Products with Multiple Flexible and Intelligent Robots

Project: Research - Studentship

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The ambition of this project is to fundamentally investigate the novel adaptive control algorithms and smart path planning strategies for developing a feasible solution to the autonomous manufacturing of composite products through the use of a MAR system. A highly-efficient vision system is also to be investigated by utilising advanced machine learning algorithms to detect the tools and materials, which is more intelligent and can significantly reduce human’s work. The proposed adaptive control algorithms and smart path planning strategies consist of an intelligent MAR controller and in-process path planner that determines an optimal path in a collaborative manner of multiple robots in the flexible manufacturing environment has raised the significant challenges in both academic and industrial domains It is also proposed that the MAR will have obstacle avoidance capabilities to avoid collision with other machines and humans in the shared workfloor


Note: REA 2172, £60,957
Effective start/end date1/10/2030/09/23