Automated maintenance: 3D printed smart cement repairs

  • Perry, Marcus (Principal Investigator)

Project: Research

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This project will develop printed ‘smart cement’ patch repairs for concrete and steel infrastructure. The technology will allow for the remote, robotic application of adhesive smart cement patches which simultaneously repair, monitor, protect and augment ageing civil assets in the oil & gas industry. Data from smart cement patches will be streamed to asset management software so that it can be automatically translated into key indicators of structural health. Our goal is to fully automate monitoring and maintenance, from sensor-repair installation through to data acquisition, interpretation and decision-making support. This new approach will unlock safe, affordable and flexible strategies for monitoring and maintenance. Printed smart cements offer a fixed-cost solution: one that can be rapidly tailored to fit different structures or types of damage, and one that can be installed remotely in areas that are difficult to access by operators. The technology could also limit the financial and environmental costs of new construction activity, by supporting the ongoing safety and resilience of oil & gas assets during operation, life-extension and decommissioning
Effective start/end date7/01/196/07/20


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