Augmented Reality Guide for the Museum Visit: The Museum of Fine Arts, Rennes, France

  • Damala, Areti (Academic)

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

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My PhD project resulted in the creation of one of the first mobile Augmented Reality guides for the museum visit. The guide resulted from a fruitful collaboration in between the Municipality of Rennes, the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes, Orange Labs (formerly France Telecom Research and Development) while the academic supervision was assured by Pr. Pierre Cubaud of the "Interactivity to Read and Play" working group of the cedric laboratory. My PhD thesis case-study also laid the foundations for the French national GAMME research project.
Effective start/end date1/07/0630/09/07


  • museums
  • museum visiting experience
  • mobile museum guides
  • augmented reality
  • mobile human computer interaction
  • evaluation
  • user experience
  • experience design


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