Arnold Clark 2030 PhD Scholarships - The Future of the Automotive Industry

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The Arnold Clark 2030 project is an innovative project seeking to aid Arnold Clark with their future business strategy looking forward to 2030. The work involves the funding of five PhD Scholarships in pursuit of understanding the future of the automotive industry.

The research will draw on expertise across three University departments including: Marketing, Computer and Information Science and Electronic and Electrical Engineering. In the ambition to be the front-runner in the new transport industry by 2030, Arnold Clark recognise that the customer of tomorrow is likely to have different buying habits and needs to the customer of today. Accordingly, the Arnold Clark 2030 project will examine future customer behaviour and how this reflects on Arnold Clark’s business model. More specifically, the research will examine the use of advanced technology as part of the customer journey, understanding customer needs through artificial intelligence and understanding the complexity of electric vehicles and the demands on the wider infrastructure and business opportunities.

Funding Value: £398,276
Effective start/end date1/12/1928/02/25


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