Analysis of Uranium, Technetium and Neptunium Behaviour in Natural and Engineered Environments – B18 XANES and EXAFS

  • Morris, Katherine (Principal Investigator)
  • Shaw, Samuel (Co-investigator)
  • Livens, Francis (Co-investigator)
  • Bots, Pieter (Co-investigator)
  • Law, Gareth (Co-investigator)
  • Lloyd, J. R. (Co-investigator)
  • Pearce, Carolyn (Co-investigator)
  • Mosselmans, J. Frederick W (Co-investigator)

Project: Research

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Beamtime at the Core-EXAFS beamline (B18) at Diamond Light Source, funded through Diamond Light Source.

Abstract of research proposal:
The aim of this proposal is to utilise B18 capability for uranium, technetium and
neptunium bulk XANES and EXAFS analysis across a range of environmental samples relevant to the UK nuclear legacy and serving several ongoing research
projects at the University of Manchester. Specifically, we have three projects where bulk XANES and EXAFS capability in AP16 will be critical to understanding radionuclide behaviour, these are: Task 1. Biocycling of sediments to explore the long-term fate of radionuclides in natural and engineered environments. (Masters-Waage, Newsome, and Usieb); Task 2. The fate of U, Tc and Np in metal-oxide mineral systems including after radiolysis damage (Roberts, Hibberd, Bots, and Bower); and Task 3. The fate of radionuclides in high pH, pure culture experiments (Rizoulis and Bassil).
Effective start/end date17/01/159/03/15


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