Analysing the potential role of tidal energy in the transition to a decarbonised energy system in Scotland

Project: Internally funded project

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Tidal energy conversion (TEC) is a relatively new technology with little indication of its economic cost. This uncertainty in costs have made TEC to be underestimated in many energy strategies and roadmaps.
This project will thus aim to i) find the commonalities and differences between cost models and pathways applicable to TEC, using a common database and power prediction evaluation, and ii) assess the potential role of TEC in Scotland, using the TIMES energy system model
This new approach of combining both cost and pathway models, may give a more accurate predictions of the long-term cost of TEC, making it possible to better assess the contributions of TEC to the electricity mix in Scotland.

£2,450 were awarded from the StrathWide 2019 Funding call.
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/09/20


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