An investigation of the impact of Covid-19 on the work-life balance of working parents in Mauritius

Project: Research - no external funding

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The main objective of the research will be to determine whether the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in changes in the work/life balance of working parents in Mauritius. The sub-objectives will be as follows:

(a) An assessment of the transformation brought about by work from home policies within the workplace in Mauritius;

(b) A study of the challenges faced by Mauritian working parents to adapt to new working conditions brought about by the pandemic;

(c) An evaluation of the support provided by Mauritian employers in helping employees transition to HR challenges as a result of the lockdown and restriction in mobility;

(d) The formulation of policy recommendations to drive legislative amendments to existing laws and regulations regarding current work practices for working parents; and

(e) The formulation of a list of strategies for employers of the private sector to support working parents working on site or from home

There does not exist any academic research about the subject-matter of the proposed study in Mauritius, and the findings will hopefully help to guide organisational changes within the workplace, and also pave the way for policy and legal transformation in this field.
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/12/23


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