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This project focused on the development of the strain based forming limit diagram (FLD) for AA6082-T6 alloy by deforming sheet metal blanks of different Nakajima test geometries using a hemispherical punch until fracture occurs. The digital image correlation (DIC) technique has been used to measure the limiting strains from the samples representing different the strain states experienced by sheet metals during processes like deep drawing, stretch forming and incremental sheet forming.


FLC developed as an outcome of this direct funded project will be used for an EPSRC funded project titled " A Multiscale Constitutive Model for Metals during Sheet
Metal Forming Process" led by Dr. Amir Siddiq (PI), University of Aberdeen (Period Dec 2014 - Dec 2016;£98,867)
Short title Development of Forming Limit Curve for AA6082 –T6 Aluminium Alloy
Effective start/end date29/09/1531/10/15


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