AFRC_CORE_814_Gas Furnace Optimization

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Study on the thermal behaviour during loading/heating of multiple parts. Investigate hydrogen pick-up effects on uncoated / coated titanium Ti64 part in a gas furnace environment. Continue and improve the FEA analysis related to the gas furnace using DEFORM HT. Preliminary exploration for an external solutions/partnership regarding CFD modelling of the gas furnace.
I was involved in WP3 of this project which was dealing with evaluating the capability of the DEFORM software to predict the heating process. The FE model results were compared with the corresponding set of heating trials carried out in WP2/WP3 of this project.
This work package mainly had to do with understanding the model parameters set up and the heating response and temperature profile across the part as well as the energy consumption of the gas furnace. Different loading conditions including multipart heating were explored. There has been quite a lot of simulation works alongside the experiments. Some interesting results are achieved so far, and many of the advantages and disadvantages of DEFORM have been highlighted. I have also identified some bugs in the software that have been reported to the developers, some have been rectified in the next release.
Short titleAFRC_CORE_814
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18


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