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This project is a continuation of AFRC CORD 1137 and CORD 1444 projects on induction heating modelling and temperature measurement improvement sponsored by BIFRANGI.
Important progress has been made over the last year in term of modelling in both 2D/3D FEM (Finite Element Method) / BEM (Boundary Element Method). Although a good agreement between the 2D FEM simulation results with laboratory trial results has been reached, several issues were encountered with the DEFORM software as well as significant inconsistencies in the simulation results, especially in the 3D FEM model, which is required to investigate the billet offset effect in BIFRANGI’s induction heating line. Moreover, limited experimental trials were carried out due to the COVID 19 situation.
The above-mentioned technical issues in induction heating modelling were reported to WILDE and the developers and it is hoped they will be resolved in a future software update. At the same time, we are planning to resolve the issues and verify the reliability of the induction heating simulation using an alternative software: SIMUFACT / MARC (Tier 2 members). This will allow the comparison of simulation results obtained with the two software packages and experimental data, especially on 3D FEM modelling.
Additionally to the modelling work, we would like to work on the development of an inline scale removal system (with an external partner) and implementation in the actual induction heating line at BIFRANGI site. This should allow to obtain more accurate in process temperature measurement with pyrometer / Thermal camera, which will provide valuable information for industrial process model validation.
Short titleAFRC_CORD_1844
Effective start/end date21/06/2130/09/23


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