AFRC_CORD_06093_Bifrangi Simulation of Induction heating / hardening process

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This project will focus on the simulation of the induction heating / hardening process by applying the knowledge and expertise developed in previous CORD projects sponsored by BIFRANGI (CORD 1137, CORD 1444 and CORD 1844 projects) on induction heating modelling and temperature measurement improvement.
In previous projects, the standard and best practice on modelling of induction heating process has been established and the induction heating process model has been verified using lab-scale induction heating trials without billet movement. In this year’s CORD 1844 project, a 3D FEM model has been developed in DEFORM and used to investigate the effect of billet shape, size and offset in BIFRANGI’s induction heating line. An attempt has been made to scale up a 3D FEM model with moving billets to simulate the full BIFRANGI induction heating line with a length of 18 meters using 3 coils and cyclic operation. However, due to some technical issues (difficulty to simulate the full billet and line length, current measurement of the induction heating line (still planned for this year), and internal temperature data), there is still limited experimental data for process model verification.
We propose to apply the developed induction heating process model for simulating induction heating / hardening process carried out at BIFRANGI. By simulating the induction hardening process and comparing the simulation results with experimental results from induction hardened samples, the developed induction heating process model can be further improved and verified. The improved maturity of modelling capabilities of the induction heating process will provide value information for industrial process design and optimisation.
Additionally, following discussions with the Transvalor team and Bifrangi, it was decided to that we will also try out the Transvalor software suite Forge / Simheat to model this induction heating / hardening process. This will include an advanced training on Forge in relation to the induction heating / hardening modelling. This will allow us to compare simulation results with experimental trials and make sure both models in DEFORM and Transvalor are reliable and assess each set of software capabilities related to the induction heating/hardening process.
Short titleAFRC_CORD_06093
Effective start/end date1/12/221/09/23


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