AFRC_CATP_1786_Portable IoT system development - phase2 (Lab to Fab) (Withdraw)

  • Al-Dubaee, Shawki (Principal Investigator)

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Using Internet of Things (IoT) methodologies can give opportunities to adopt Industry 4.0 using cutting edge technologies and help different business sectors such as manufacturing, health, agriculture etc. in order to solve problems, enhance operations and improve production (AFRC-Catpault-1448 project).
This proposal expands from AFRC-Catpault-1448 project, which can develop a smart portable IoT Kit to be ready for use from Lab to fab, which it will support for:
• Enhancing the quality of service, collaboration and environment for AFRC workshops by understanding of data analytic, storing data and tracking current machine conditions, status and performance, especially external and internal connectivity.
• Encouraging start-up companies and small and medium manufacturers (SMEs) to digitalise ecosystem through trial test with in facilities.
• Applying a flexible storage data solution and machine learning algorithms.
AcronymIoT Kit:
StatusNot started


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