Advanced Undergraduate Entrants: Enhancing Employability and Supporting Positive Graduate Destinations

Project: Internally funded project

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Students entering university at second year or above face a number of challenges, such as integrating into pre-existing social groups and adjusting to pedagogical changes. The limited literature on advanced college entrants tends to focus on transitions into and through university but there is an evidence gap in relation to the transitions beyond university for this student group. This project aims to fill this gap with a view to informing practices that will enhance employability and support positive graduate destinations.

Funding (Internal)
Student Transitions Steering Group: £1,000.00


This project is funded via the Education Enhancement Group (with a contribution from the Department of Human Resource Management) to progress the QAA Student Transitions Enhancement Theme within Strathclyde.
Effective start/end date22/05/1730/06/17


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