Accelerated Discovery and Development of New Medicines: Prosperity Partnership for a Healthier Nation

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EP/S035990/1 £5,495, 023 from EPSRC.Prof William J. Kerr is the Strathclyde PI.

Next generation catalysis and synthesis: Chemists seeking to discover new medicines need new reactions that will allow them to make and investigate structures that are currently difficult, or even impossible, to make. A key objective of this proposal will be to develop new reagents, catalysts, and reactions to facilitate the more efficient preparation of drug-like molecules to accelerate drug discovery. Similarly, we will develop new ways of performing some of the most common chemical transformations in the synthesis of medicines whilst avoiding the use of carcinogenic reagents

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We make the discoveries that will lead to better medicines, sooner and more efficiently than has been possible to date
Short titleProsperity Partnership
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/23


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