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Lab-on-a-chip technology! Design of a micropump system for next generation healthcare

Blair, E., Zimbitas, G. & Besenhard, M.


Project: Internally funded project

Strengthening school-community engagement in disadvantaged schools: A pilot intervention to improve educational outcomes in Ghana and Malawi

Sosu, E., Mtika, P., Wilson, C., Nyarko, N. Y., Maulidi, F., Nyartsikor, M., Milheiro Pimenta, S. & Fleischer-Djoleto, D.


Project: Internally funded project

Global warming, plankton functional diversity, and the biological ocean pump

Chen, B. & Banas, N.


Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

Trust: Trusted Systems

Ghani, N., McBride, C. & Nordvall Forsberg, F.


Project: Research