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QAA ET CC Year 2 - Intern Projects

Hainey, A.

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

Magmatic Soup: experimental and microstructural investigation of slurry flow and magmatic sedimentation

Dobson, K., Wadsworth, F. B. & Talling, P.


Project: Research - Studentship

CommonHealth: Investigating the Role of Social Enterprise as a Public Health Initiative

Donaldson, C. D. & Hill OConnor, C.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

SPEN course on power converters

Egea Alvarez, A. & Papadopoulos, P.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

Evaluation of Participatory Budgeting Activity: 2016- 2018

O'Hagan, A. & Hill OConnor, C.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

ESIF Partnership Principle & Multi-Level Governance

Polverari, L., Bachtler, J., Miller, S. & Van Der Zwet, A.

European Commission - DG Regional Policy


Project: Research

Doctoral Training Grant 2008 | Al-Husari, Maymona

Al-Husari, M.

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

BBSRC Doctoral Training Grant (DTG) | Griffin, Brian

McNeil, B., Harvey, L. & Griffin, B.

BBSRC (Biotech & Biological Sciences Research Council)


Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

Artificial intelligence and inclusive education

Wang, Y.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

Adaptive moving mesh methods for liquid crystals.

MacKenzie, J., Ramage, A., MacDonald, C. & Newton, C.


Project: Non-funded project

Platforms for Online Seminars for Risk Researchers

Burns, C., Quigley, J., Coulson, A., Ramsay, H. & Crowe, D.


Project: Research

Scottish Pilgrimages

Bold, V.


Project: Research

KIAT Global Technology Day

McBeth, D.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology KIAT

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)


Gok, A.

European Commission - Horizon 2020


Project: Research

Resonant Mass Measurement (Archimedes)

Rattray, Z.

2/12/19 → …

Project: Equipment only

BRE Framework Collaboration / S130160-102

Alexander, A.


Project: Research - Internally Allocated

Trading Social Risk and Social Responsibility

Burns, C., Quigley, J. & Coulson, A.


Project: Internally funded project

Roberts Funding / Skills Training

Savage, K. & Nic Daeid, N.


Project: Internally funded project