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A Scottish, wood-based demonstration scale biorefinery

Archer, I.

Forestry Commission Scotland

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Research Leave Scheme

Heimann, M.


Project: Non-funded project

Artificial intelligence and inclusive education

Wang, Y.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

ACE: Arran Hospitality Sector Circular Economy (Award £9,999)

Rentizelas, A.


Project: Research

Aromachology: Interactions between odour and verbal memory

Saunders, J.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

A Review of Human Rights Education in Schools in Scotland

Watts, E.

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

ARCHI21: Architectural and Design based Education and Practice through Content & Language Integrated Learning using Immersive Virtual Environments for 21st Century Skills

Chase, S., Hunter, M., Zupancic, T., Garner, S. & Watson, J.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

Archipelagic insular communities and the early modern British state

Cathcart, A.

Huntington (The)


Project: Research Fellowship

Aquatic Wildmeat

Cosentino, M. & Souviron Priego, L.

1/04/15 → …

Project: Projects from Previous Employment


Macdonald, M.

European Space Agency ESA


Project: Research

A Qualitative Outcome Study for Social Anxiety

Robinson, A., Rogers, M. B. & Elliott, R.


Project: Research - no external funding

A Punjabi Palimpsest (AHRC)

Mahn, C.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

Approaching Perpetrators: Ethnographic Insights on Ethics, Methods, and Theory

Jessee, E.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

Applying the Structured Approach of Genre Pedagogy to Classroom Talk

Harris, L. & Jacobsen, S.


Project: Knowledge Exchange (Erasmus+)

Applications of in-line Wet Media Milling Strategy Towards Particle Property Control

Ahmed, B.


Project: Research Conference / Short Visit - attendance