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Thermal Conductivity of Insulation

Yang, L. & Sillars, F.

Doosan Babcock Limited

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

The Role of Cities in the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

Charles, D., Bachtler, J. & Miller, S.

Metis GmbH


Project: Research

The role of gelsolin family proteins in GPCR regulation

Cunningham, M. R. & Veerman, B.


Project: Research - no external funding

The Role of Public Libraries in Glasgow Communities in the 21st Century

Buchanan, S.


Project: Research - Studentship

The Scottish Parliament and the Westminster model

Mitchell, J.

British Academy


Project: Research

The Scottish Writers' Centre

Kinloch, D.

1/03/08 → …

Project: Non-funded project

The Strathclyde Literacy Clinic

Thomson, J.

Project: Internally funded project