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More haste, less speed? An evaluation of fast track policies to tackle persistent youth offending in Scotland

Moodie, K., McIvor, G., Hill, M., Walker, M., Khan, F., Walker, B. & Kendrick, A.

Project: Projects from Previous Employment

"Hydroacoustics in R" course in Kisumu, Kenya

Hobbs, L. & Proud, R.

Project: Internally funded project

National Institute of Health (NIH) R13 Grant Support for Scientific Conference and Seminar

Kubanek, J. & Duncan, K.

Project: Research Conference / Short Visit - attendance

Nuclear Universities Consortium for Learning, Engagement and Research

Grimes, R., Renshaw, J., Livens, F., McArthur, S., Marrow, J. & Roberts, J.

Project: Research

Perovskite solar cells for Indoor light harvesting

Ivaturi, A.

Project: Research Studentship Case - Internally allocated

Radial compressors in operation: focus on safety and economy

Garcia Cava, D. & Liskiewicz, G.

Project: Internally funded project

Two weeks secondment DG Regio

Smeriglio, A.

Project: Research

IAA: Impact Accelerator Account Secondments

Burt, G., Anaya-Lara, O., Zafar, J., Attya, A. & Rohouma, I.

Project: Research

EIB University Research Scholarship

Smeriglio, A.

Project: Research - Studentship

Economic Futures - Introduction to Policy Evaluation

Roy, G., McIntyre, S. & Spowage, M.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

Econmic Futures Careers Event

Spowage, M., Black, J., Cooper, B., Mitchell, M., McGeoch, A. & Roy, G.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

Critical Factors of AIS Effectiveness in the Malaysian Federal Government

Sharinah Binti Puasa, S. & Smith, J.

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

SU2P Extension 2015 - 2018

Mathieson, K.

Project: Knowledge Exchange