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Advanced Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance Scheduling (with Sennen) [£10,000]

McMillan, D. & Dawid, R.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

Advanced laser-plasma optics technology | Lofrese, Antonio

McKenna, P., Gray, R. & Lofrese, A.


Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

Advanced dissolution assessment of active pharmaceutical compounds

Prasad, E.


Project: Consultancy by University

Advanced CAPEX modelling for offshore wind

McMillan, D. & Wei, F.


Project: Internally funded project

Adult skills - who gets invested in and how has this changed over time?

Luchinskaya, D. & Dickinson, P.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

ADR - Setting SMART Objectives course

Bell, E.

8/05/14 → …

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

Adhesive bond strength - catalyst ratio optimisation

Sillars, F. & Marrocco, T.


Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

Addressing future research challenges in forensics

Haddrill, P. & McCallum, N. A.

Project: Knowledge Exchange

Additional Test For Oscar Propulsion

Atlar, M.

Oscar Propulsion Limited

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

Additional Funding For JISC CETIS Services 2010 - 2011

Campbell, L.



Project: Research