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Analysis of Uranium, Technetium and Neptunium Behaviour in Natural and Engineered Environments – B18 XANES and EXAFS

Morris, K., Shaw, S., Livens, F., Bots, P., Law, G., Lloyd, J. R., Pearce, C. & Mosselmans, J. F. W.


Project: Research

An Analysis of the Road Equivalent Tariff Scheme

Dunlop, S.

CalMac Ferries Limited


Project: Research

An Assessment of Multi-Level Governance in Cohesion Policy 2007-2013

Mendez, C., Bachtler, J., Charles, D. & Granqvist, K.

Metis GmbH


Project: Research

An audience wtih June O'Sullivan

Grogan, D.


Project: Knowledge Exchange (Conference / Seminar Hosting)

ADQC: Ancilla Driven Quantum Computation

Oi, D.

1/10/08 → …

Project: Non-funded project

Andrew Webley PhD

Yang, L.

Blueshift International Materials


Project: Research - Studentship

An Ecological Exploration of the Internet of Toys in Early Childhood Everyday Life

Arnott, L., Palaiologou, I. & Gray, C.


Project: Research - no external funding