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The social determinants of children’s welfare - Application to Wellcome Trust (Value £14,815.00)

Alfano, M.


Project: Knowledge Exchange (Conference / Seminar Hosting)

The Strathclyde Literacy Clinic

Thomson, J.

Project: Internally funded project

The Top & Tail Transformation: A Grand Challenge in Energy Networks

Emhemed, A. & Burt, G.


Project: Research

The unique needs of children ‘looked after at home’ in Scotland: Addressing outcomes

Welch, V., Sadler, S., Farrugia, B., Fitzpatrick, J. P., Gadda, A., Lerpiniere, J. & Young, E.



Project: Research

The use of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) remote sensing technology within a complex wind field.

Cassola, A., Stickland, M., Oldroyd, A. & Scanlon, T.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

The Use of the Bioactive Solvent Cyrene in Biological Applications

Scott, F.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

The Value of Organising a Break for People with Support Needs

Sadler, S. & Knifton, L.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

The Well-Connected Child: Developing a relational approach for work with children

Delafield-Butt, J., Naumann, I., Trevarthen, C., Dunlop, A., Ludke, K., Spence, K., Robertson, B., Wild, J. & McKinnon, G.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

WoTE: The Work of Teacher Education

Ellis, V., McNally, J., Blake, A. & McNicholl, J.

1/04/10 → …

Project: Non-funded project

The Young Child as a Learner : Park Primary

Grogan, D.


Project: Knowledge Exchange