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Visualizing English Print from c. 1470 to 1800

Hope, J.

Mellon Foundation


Project: Research

Voltage Distortion Mitigation Techniques

Zafar, J.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

VWS Westgarth Ltd Tensile Testing

Magueijo, V. & Costa, A.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

Wave Energy Scotland Stage 2 PTO-Gator

Dai, S. & Day, S.


Project: Research

We are dreamers, we are shapers, we are what we want to be - WaW

DePutter, M. & Scott, L.

European Commission - Other

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Erasmus+)

Weir CPD

Stickland, M. & Dempster, W.

Weir Group plc (The)

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)

Weir MBA

McIntyre, A.

Weir Group plc (The)

Project: Knowledge Exchange (Training / Short Course)

POTF: WeirSPM Pump of the Future PowerFrame

Gorash, Y., Comlekci, T. & MacKenzie, D.


Project: Knowledge Exchange

What’s the catch? The environmental history of the north Minch fishery.

Cathcart, A., Maccoinnich, A., Speirs, D., Heath, M. & McCaig, C.


Project: Internally funded project

Who cares? Platform work and Low-income home service work in the digital economy

Briken, K., Houij Gueddana, W., Hall, M. & Stewart, J.


Project: Research

Why Not Court?

Rodger, B.

22/08/10 → …

Project: Non-funded project