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MEO Debris Deorbiting Strategies

Vasile, M. & McInnes, C.

European Space Agency ESA


Project: Research

Better Movers and Thinkers

Forsyth, S., Boyle, J., Mutrie, N. & Dalziell, A. G.


Project: Research - no external funding

Industrial Case Account 2009 | McGuire, Colin

Stewart, R., Weiss, S. & McGuire, C.

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

Industrial Case Account 2013 | Fyfe, James William Buchanan

Watson, A., Kerr, W. & Fyfe, J. W. B.

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


Project: Research Studentship Case - Internally allocated

EPSRC Pump Priming Project: Developing a new Drug Discovery Programme

Burley, G., Mulheran, P. & Patwardhan, S.


Project: Internally funded project

Testing Gricean hypotheses during reading

Fukumura, K.

Experimental Psychology Society


Project: Research

GlaxoSmithKline MChem Project Initiative

Watson, A. & Redmond, J.

1/10/11 → …

Project: Non-funded project

Skills Needs and Training Supply for Career Guidance – A Gap Analysis

Miller, S.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

KTA- Photonics Theme Development

Dawson, M.


Project: Internally funded project