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Doctoral Training Grant 2010 | Phipps, Alan Richard

Cross, A., He, W. & Phipps, A. R.

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


Project: Research Studentship - Internally Allocated

The Local Economics and Politics of Shale Gas Energy in the US

Bayer, P. & Ovodenko, A.


Project: Projects from Previous Employment

The BIGRAD Consortium: AP14 Characterisation of Radionuclide Biogeochemical Interactions in the CDZ.

Morris, K., Shaw, S., Bots, P., Law, G., Rizoulis, A. & Mosselmans, J. F. W.


Project: Research

Prosodic abilities in Cerebral Palsy

Kuschmann, A.

British Academy


Project: Research Fellowship

POTF: WeirSPM Pump of the Future PowerFrame

Gorash, Y., Comlekci, T. & MacKenzie, D.


Project: Knowledge Exchange