6 minute walk mobile application: fitness testing in pre-surgical setting

  • Lewis, Liane (Principal Investigator)

Project: Non-funded project

Project Details


The app is based on the 6 minute walk test to assess submaximal fitness. The original test was developed to assess fitness in patients with cardiac disease. It is a well validated test and has been widely used in cancer care research. The app makes the 6 minute walk test more widely accessible with potential to be used as a tool to assess fitness prior to surgical treatment in patients with cancer. This can lead to physical activity behaviour change and result in improved quality of life in patients scheduled for surgery. This small unfunded project is exploring the internal and external validity of the app with a clinical population scheduled for surgery.
Short titleThe 6MW app as tool in clinical care
Effective start/end date28/09/17 → …


  • physical activity
  • fitness
  • surgery


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