16 kVA Single-Phase Hybrid Generator - Testing and Investigation of the Performance of a

  • Zafar, Jawwad (Co-investigator)
  • Finney, Stephen (Principal Investigator)

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The hybrid generator (HG) technology is offered as a solution for off-grid power supply requirements in remote locations and can be used to provide power for residential, construction, telecom towers and disaster relief applications. The HG is a combination of a diesel generator (DG) with integrated battery storage and a power-electronic converter, which is promoted as leading to significant fuel saving [2]. In conventional generator-only applications, the diesel generator must “load follow” and therefore operates at off-optimal conditions for the vast majority of time – the battery system alleviates this requirement. Other benefits include low/no noise through noise insulation and operation in battery-only mode, less carbon emissions through operation of the DG at optimal conditions and use of battery, generally more efficient operation of the DG and reduced cost of ownership since the engine has to run less often.
Wind and solar energy can be added as secondary sources to the HG. Furthermore, the unit can have an auxiliary AC input that allows charging of batteries at times (e.g. overnight) when the grid-sourced electricity may be cheaper. Modularity is another advantage that allows deployments to be scaled up through use of multiple units.
Effective start/end date14/08/1330/01/14


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