Visiting Scientist in Wind Energy at SINTEF ER, Norway

Prize: Appointment


An invitation as a Visiting Scientist with SINTEF Energy (largest Research Institute in Norway) over 4 years, has been accepted (after consultation with the Principal Sir Jim McDonald, Prof. Walter Johnstone and Prof. Stephen McArthur), as a continuation of the Visiting Professorship with NTNU. This is strategic to provide sustainability to the collaboration established between Strathclyde and SINTEF/NTNU during the visiting professor stay, and to follow up on-going research projects such as the Norwegian Centre on Smart Grids, and various others under NOWITECH. Arrangements are currently underway with the Research Council Norway (RCN), and it is expected to start this venture early in 2013. The plan is to spend 5-10 days in SINTEF every 3 months as necessary, which will be carefully plan along scheduled visits for project management meetings.
Granting OrganisationsSINTEF ER