Visiting Fellowship

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


I completed a journal article and gave a public lecture entitled ‘Suffering Opera Heroines and Desiring Divas in Italy’s Late Nineteenth-Century’. I also taught several undergraduate classes in Italian. In addition, I networked with Professor Gabriella Romani, who invited me to be part of a panel on Deterritorialized Perspectives on Unified Italy, 1860-1936 at the American Association for Italian Studies annual conference in March 2015 in Boulder, Colorado. After hearing my public lecture, Professor Romani also invited me to contribute a 7000-word chapter to her co-edited volume 'The Formation of a National Audience: Readers and Spectators in Italy, 1750-1890' to be published with Fairleigh Dickinson n 2015.
Granting OrganisationsThe Charles and Joan Alberto Institute of Italian Studies, Seton Hall University, New Jersey