Tudor Rickards & Susan Moger Award for the best paper published in the Creativity & Innovation Management journal in 2021

  • Feuls, Miriam (Recipient), Stierand, Marc (Recipient), Dorfler, Viktor (Recipient), Boje, David (Recipient) & Haley, Usha (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


"The paper offers a very innovative and creative perspective on a critical issue (creative leadership) with an interesting, relevant, and inspirational empirical context. It is exciting to read, and many voters reflected on the paper as an excellent illustration of the CIM spirit. The paper has a novel and creative structure and writing style. It conceptualises and brings to life nine characters of leadership in a way that readers can easily relate to. The meta-analysis is original, well presented and explained. Beyond the specific material on cuisine, the paper is a very good example of rigourous method in qualitative research. The three propositions both capture the essence of the work and provide solid guidance for discussion and future work. We feel that the paper will influence the literature of creative leadership by these nine archetypes. Future research may use and elaborate on this typology to conduct new studies and further develop the field. Therefore the study's contributions are not limited to the direct results but way beyond their field."
Degree of recognitionInternational